You Do Not Get To Play Freely There

Thank you to the heads up, simply filed a refund request.You still have 66% of this match open to you once bubbles come out. I really don’t understand why you think that 100% of the game is for 100% of those players.All you mentioned, all EVE Echoes ISK  you need to do is and will be available in High Security space.The isk is not as good. However, if that’s your concern, then you’re asking to become part of a high bonus area without being willing to accept the risk that comes with it.

Without bonuses to business and reprocessing, it won’t matter if you construct in Jita or even a null station. The only thing you are losing is isk/hour. Unless I am willing to accept the cost of an Omega, I’m locked out of the part of the game. Exactly the same applies to Null, Low, and Wormholes (if added). If you’re reluctant to cover the charge to take part, you don’t get to play freely there.

I am a casual carebare and still don’t understand the mechanisms of how this will all work out but I just lost my caracal whilst performing an anomaly in nulsec by 2 players. Theres plenty of risk.I think all people are asking is for traveling to be an activity where individuals aren’t staring at their telephones for 40 minutes. Getting there as it takes so long on cellular and having the ability to be attacked is stupid.

I’ve written a post discussing an option, it is about the subreddit should you would like more details. In short, create an alternative where ships may travel freely, without danger around the bunch but punish this danger free option with Cheap EVE Echoes ISK  longer travel times. So, you won’t need to stare in your phone for 40 minutes but it may take 80 or 160 minutes to do the same trip instead.

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