What Are Some Reborn Baby Doll Twins

Realistic Reborn dolls are usually human baby dolls, aside from some monkey and other fantasy baby dolls. Artist often creates these sorts of dolls to seem very realistic. There are sorts of Realistic Reborn Twin Baby Dolls on the market. the alternatives can make it difficult to settle on one for you. no matter your preference, here are a number of the highest realistic reborn twin baby dolls supported the artist, brand and sort of appearance. during this post, we’ll be highlighting the very top choices during this category of dolls.


Mayra Garza “Hope And Faith” Baby Doll Set With Baby Bunting

Brand: Ashton Drake
Artist: Mayra Garza
Size: 14″
Material: RealTouch Vinyl
Eye colour: golden brown
Hair colour: blond
Hope and Faith Twin created by Mayra Garza are two cuties that might warm your heart the instant you set your eyes on them. Their smile is infectious and would get you smiling too. This reborn twin baby doll was made by Mayra Garva for the Ashton-Drake Galleries.

The Hope and Faith baby dolls wear a hairband accessory that has the primary letter of their names inscribed thereon . the dual dolls are adorned during a soft purple fleece baby clothing. The dresses are perfect for keeping the dolls warm and cozy and that they share matching buttons.

This Mayra Garza reborn twin baby doll set is intricately hand-painted. there’s such a lot detail within the tender expressions on their sweet faces to the folds and creases on their little hands and feet. Each darling baby is 14 inches long and poseable with a huggable cloth body and therefore the soft scent of powder .

The twin dolls out of the box are going to be wearing white t-shirts with letters H and F that’s represent their names; Hope and Faith. there’ll be a scent of powder which blends perfectly with their chevron-patterned shorts. Also, to finish the design , the dolls will have headbands and bows for his or her hair.

This Reborn Baby doll is for ages 14 and above.


Sherry Rawn “Oh Deer! The Twins Are Here!” Baby Doll Set

Brand: Ashton Drake
Artist: Sherry Rawn
Size: 14″
Material: RealTouch Vinyl
Eye colour: Golden Brown and Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Oh, Deer! The Twins Are Here! Baby Doll Set, a Collectors Edition by the acclaimed Master Doll Artist Sherry Rawn, only from Ashton-Drake. You’ll fall crazy with these adorable twins immediately you behold them. Their innocent look will want to form you would like to worry and protect them.

This darling pair of lifelike baby dolls feature expressive eyes and soft, natural-looking hand-rooted hair. They possess a soft powder scent and that they look great in pictures. Also, they’re crafted with exclusive RealTouch vinyl skin to recreate all of the wonder and realism of Ms Rawn’s original doll sculpt

These adorable twins will arrive wearing extra cushy, velour zip-up sleepers, a deer-inspired print on the front, back and hood able to be named by you.

This Reborn Doll may be a fine adult collectable, not intended for youngsters under 14.

Donna Lee “Taylor And Tyler” Poseable Twin Baby Doll Set

Brand: Ashton DrakeArtist: Donna Lee
Size: 13″
Material: RealTouch Vinyl
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Say hello to those adorable twins waiting to be cuddled and named by you. Two cuties you’ll love, so peaceful to observe them sleep as you sing them a lullaby. Meet the adorable twin stars Taylor and Tyler Baby Doll, beautifully delivered to life by Master Doll Artist Donna Lee for The Ashton-Drake Galleries.

Well, aren’t these twin baby dolls just “too cute”. From the blush on their cheeks to the small folds and creases on their hands and feet. These twin baby dolls’ soft RealTouch vinyl skin is hand-painted; even their little fingernails and toenails look real. Soft, baby-fine hair and delicate eyelashes are hand-applied to form these twin baby dolls even more realistic you never want to require your eyes off them.

Taylor and Tyler arrive in coordinating outfits with Peter Pan collars, and tiny Taylor features a yellow ribbon for her hair. additionally , the dolls have a stunning fleece dress, a custom baby bunting that’s striped trim and a bow at the centre.

Two Peas during a Pod

Brand: Paradise
Artist: Fiorenza Biancheri
Size: 16″
Material: SoftTouch Vinyl
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde hair
HKD 237.13

Two Peas during a Pod, aren’t they lovely. Their charming blue eyes will enchant you initially sight. These adorable newborn twins are inseparable as Two Peas during a Pod! Their delicate, soft features, beautiful round blue eyes that pop, button noses and painted by hand pouty lips are going to be bound to cause you to melt!

Home is where they’re together. The twins cherish one another such a lot , and regardless of where they are going , they’re going to always find their way back to every other to snuggle up in their peapod nook.

They’ll arrive during a matching custom pea-patterned onesies and complimenting crocheted beanies, packaged together inside a Premium Collector’s Box, which incorporates a numbered certificate of authenticity with the artist’s signature.

They are age-appropriate for young collectors aged 3 years and up. they’re the right gift for twins/siblings or best friends.


Adeline and Annabelle

Artist: Sandra White
Size: 19 ″
Material: SoftTouch Vinyl
Hair color: brown
$ 17.95

Shhh, keep your voice low, two baby dolls are asleep. This inseparable twin Adeline and Annabelle are so pretty, even while they sleep. they’re 19 inches long with delicate lips and fingers, long feet and tiny toes. These Reborn Baby Dolls are so amazing. They each have a soft body that’s scented and crammed with micro glass beads and fiberfill. Limbs and heads are weighted with glass beads.


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