The Panther Forum is a place for Panther Website Builder users to interact and benefit from each other as a community.


  1. How to: This category is reserved for asking other users questions that relate to the use of the Panther Website Builder and other Panther services. Please note that as this is a user community aimed at peer to peer support, our staff are not obliged to answer questions here. For official support, please go to our support site at:
  2. Ideas: Share business or design related ideas with the community and create discussions around them. Other members can vote and you can gauge its’ popularity.
  3. Showcase: Here you can show off your website or design and get votes and reviews from other users.


Posting Guidelines

The purpose of the Panther Forum is to provide a sense of interactive community to our users. Whether you’re posting a question, commenting, or answering please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Be kind– Panther Forum is a judgement-free forum for providing solutions to users with any level of technical expertise. Any negativity or criticism toward others or to Panther, as well as bad language will be removed by the community.
  • Ask a single question per post– Posts with multiple questions may be edited to remove additional questions.
  • Ask questions that are answerable– Overly vague or general questions diminish the usefulness other users may find in your post. Questions should have an objective answer.
  • Only provide relevant and accurate information– Excessive or false information won’t help others seeking solutions and may be removed.

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